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About La Dans

The La Dans Fitness Shop and Studio

La Dans Fitness Shop is primarily an online retailer and retail shop specializing in dance fitness wear that include belly dance practice wear, flamenco, capoeira and taichi.

Likewise, La Dans Fitness Shop has a stable of instructors that can be contracted to provide dance fitness tutorials and can be hired for corporate and occasion parties and celebrations upon prior service engagement.

Its Mission and Philosophy

La Dans Fitness Shop and Studio believes in the philosophy of promoting the combined dance and fitness program formats.

It believes that rigid muscle building and cardio exercise can be made more fun and sustainable when combined with the arresting form, dramatic projection and grace associated with dance. On the other hand, dance movements can be combined with fat burning, muscle building and toning exercises associated with traditional aerobic and gym exercises that keep the body and skin taut and tight.

Four of the popular dance and fitness programs that La Dans Fitness espouses include the Middle Eastern Belly dancing originating from Cairo, Egypt; the Latin American Flamenco discovered in Spain; Oriental Taichi from Mainland China and the hip South American Capoeira from Brazil. Each of these flagship dance fitness has been chosen because it can be done individually or with a group at home or at the fitness gym or any dance studio.

Today, keeping healthy and fit naturally can be FUN with authentic dance fitness fashion, footwear and accessories from La Dans Fitness Shop. An importer, wholesaler and retailer of dance fitness wear, La Dans Fitness shop has the widest and deepest selection of authentic belly dancing fashion, flamenco wear, oriental taichi and capoeira fitness wear.

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About La Dans Logo

La Dans is a Turkish, of Middle East descent, word for the ‘the dance’. La Dans picture logo is graphically descriptive of a self-assured, empowered woman with a strong interest for health and wellness.  She believes in taking care of herself so she can take care of her family. A primary interest is dance, which activity she views with a lot of passion while knowing fully well that it can keep her fit and young-looking longer.

The logo colors are purple and green  Purple triggers creativity and imagination while green is synonymous to calmness and relaxation – all values representative of what dance fitness is all about. Dance fitness is not just about cardiovascular pumping but it is likewise a mental exercise as it pushes one to focus and concentrate on proper dance routine and techniques. And while one is at it – music plays a key role in engaging the mind and body making dance fitness exercises a happy, sustainable activity.