La Dans


La Dans Advocacy

La Dans Fitness believes in the power of an ALL-NATURAL WAY AND MEANS to staying fit, energetic and looking younger for a longer period of time by engaging in dance fitness activities. Except for dance fitness that is a natural activity, NO amount of artificial or surgical methods can make one look younger and healthy for a longer period without the need for recurring surgical interventions.

La Dans Fitness Shop however, recognizes how difficult, rigid, taxing and frustrating dance fitness programs can be as it pushes the human mind to focus and concentrate on dance fitness steps and movement while exerting pressure on the human body to raise cardiovascular performance.

Hence, La Dans Fitness Shop brings together the most exciting, colorful and affordable dance fitness practice wear that makes dancing and a rigid fitness workout a more engaging, sustainable and exciting activity.

Now, dance fitness can be more fun and hip, no longer restricted by boring and staid sportswear. Dance fitness becomes more interesting with colorful and authentic practice wear, as La Dans Fitness Shop can provide from countries where the dance fitness program has originated.

La Dans Shopping Bags

La Dans Fitness shopping bags are reusable and come in silver tassel drawstring lavender organza pouch bags. The pouches come in small to medium sizes for accessories and light items and a large size for garments and footwear.  A lavender woven tote bag is used for quantity purchases.

Encouraging customers to reuse La Dans Fitness shopping bags is the shop’s way of reducing waste and thus, help protect the environment and foster environmental consciousness among its loyal buyers.

An automatic twenty-peso rebate for in-store purchases is applied for each buyer transaction/receipt every time a Customer brings and reuses a La Dans Fitness shopping bag in the next or succeeding purchases.