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La Dans Fitness Shop has a wide range of belly wear and accessories from Egypt, parts of the Middle East and Oriental China.  These include belly apparel from multi-row and coin hip scarves in triangular and rectangular fashion, harem pants, chiffon skirts, coin and beaded tops, belly dance top and bottom sets, headwear, arm bangles and hand accouterment and authentic Egyptian belly dance footwear; belly dance personal accessories from snake arm bangles, belly chains, finger cymbals, belly chains; and dance accessories that include veils, candelabras, sticks, isis wings and swords.

Flamenco apparel include Cancan and flamenco skirts and bell pants, dance shawl, flamenco leotard and shirt, Flamenco dress; flamenco dance and personal accessories include metallic sashes and drape, semi professional and professional castanets, flamenco flowers, fans, ornamental combs and earrings, Flamenco Cordoban hats; and flamenco footwear.

Capoeira fashions include abadas, pandeiros, berimbaus, cordao, arame and  baquetas.

Taichi Jian and Taichi Quan practice wear include the taichi uniform, taichi fan and practice taichi sword.


La Dans Fitness Belly Dance Instructors can be contracted for corporate presentations or special occasion theme celebrations like debuts, despedida de soltera (as belly dancing is a fertility dance and dance for women among and by women) and golden age celebrations. Likewise, for private individual or group tutorials. Bookings are made in advance.