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What to wear Belly Dance

Belly dance is one of the more interesting dance fitness programs that allow one to dress femininely and beautifully while exercising.  Instead of the unexciting sportswear, one can make investments dance fitness wear like  coin belts or hip scarves,  bra or cropped tops, skirts and harem pants.

Belly dance attires have a purpose and is not meant to simply accessorize fitness wear. The hip scarves provide a discreet signal that one may not be doing the drill right. For example, when doing chest or arm drills, no jiggling noise should come from the hip scarf as the chest or arm drill is an isolated movement from the hips.

Belly harem pants and skirts are often made with smooth flowing chiffon and elastic waist bands to liberate body movement and add fluidity and sensuality to belly dance movements and make it less like mainstream workout.

Bra or cropped tops expose the belly so one can see the belly movement properly.

While belly dancing can be done barefoot, it is also advisable to wear belly dance footwear on more regular occasions to avoid rough and callous skin, bunions and dry feet caused by rigid cleansing after a workout. Belly dance footwear are flat and soft sandals that follow the shape and movement of the feet.

Dressing up properly helps improve technique and makes this exercise routine less of a rigid cardiovascular.

Reward yourself occasionally with new varying colors of hip scarves that complement your belly dance wardrobe and accessorize with veils and finger cymbals. Replace regular leggings and t-shirts with colorful harem pants, chiffon skirts and bra tops. Accessorize with snake arm bracelets, headwear and necklaces.

Once again, dressing up for belly dance wear is a woman’s way to liberate herself and can be done in the confines of one’s home or private space or when with friends.